Open House and Family Meals

Yesterday I had the opportunity to lead a couple of tours of non-parishioners around our Church at our Open House.  It was really nice to be able to welcome people who aren’t Catholic, or at least not familiar with our parish, and to hear their impressions.

More than talking about the building, the people shared with me their experiences of Church (Catholic and not—good and bad).  I was very touched by their openness, and glad for the conversation.

It was actually funny; a common theme kept emerging in our talk—the need for tradition—specifically family dinner time.  Religious tradition, too, was discussed, but the act of bringing the connection home, sharing a meal and spending time together and how important that is was a major topic.

As Catholics, when we come around the Family Table of our Lord, we are in Communion with our God and with one another.  When we share a meal at home—our little Churches—we continue that communion.  And family meals at home broaden our experience of Eucharist, too.

What we do in Eucharist as Catholics is unique, but the sacredness of breaking bread together breaks all barriers.  How perfect that Christ chose that way to reveal Himself to us—by using something that can speak to everyone who has ever shared a family meal.

Jen Schlameuss-Perry

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One Response to Open House and Family Meals

  1. You Can Call me Al says:

    Way to go Jen! St. Benedict, in his written Rule of St. Benedict stressed the same exact thing. He required all workers in the fields, and his commanded his Monks to dine together with the, to resolve difference and to better work as a team.

    So when can I expect your dinner invitation?

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