Second Sunday of Advent, 2011

I write to you today in a spirit of humble gratitude for your constant love and support in my ministry and the ministry of Sisters and Brothers everywhere. I could not, nor could our other vowed Religious, effectively minister in our communities, schools, parishes,
hospitals and inner-cities without your prayers and moral support.

Today, our Religious need your financial support as well. There is a very large demographic of religious brothers and sisters who, well above the average retirement age, will not be able to work to pay for their retirement, or to contribute to their communities any
longer. The responsibility of providing for the aged, ill and retired falls to those who are able to work (like myself) and our salaries combined and shared are not enough to care for these good people who have spent their lives in the service of others. We need your help.

Next week the collection for the Retirement Fund for Religious will be taken across the nation. My experience of the parishioners at St. Aloysius has always been one of warmth, tenderness and exceptional generosity. I ask that those who are able, to please extend that same generosity to my Brothers and Sisters in ministry.

I thank you in advance, and pray that you will have a fruitful Advent and a beautiful Christmas Season.

God bless,
Sr. Eileen Ivory, O.P.

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