Seventh Sunday of Easter, 2012

My Dear Parish Family,

Well, my Mother’s Day weekend started out with something new and exciting as my personal email account was hacked into and a crazy ‘plea for money’ scam was sent out to all the contacts in my list. I have received close to a hundred concerned calls from so many of you and I would like to say a sincere thanks to all of you.  As a result, I have now closed my Yahoo account and opened a new account. If you were on my old email list and would like to continue there, please contact me with your email address and I will include it in my new account.

To our college students from both parishes, we welcome you back home and offer our congratulations and best wishes to you for the future. I invite all graduates – at any level – to join us at the 12:30 Mass on Sunday, June 10, for a special recognition and blessing, followed by some refreshments in the cafeteria. We are very proud of you.

I would also like to thank you all for buying up all of the flowers in the Fathers Club sale and for the wonderful generosity you showed to our parishioner, Adam Pizzaia, who leaves soon for a mission trip with the Rutgers Catholic Campus Ministry for 3 weeks in Tanzania. Your donations totaled over $5,500!

Coming soon is our annual Summer Carnival. This is our 11th year and I am very happy with how it has evolved to become a real community building activity (and fundraiser) for our parish. If you can volunteer some of your time, please let us know as soon as possible. Orientation is Tuesday evening, May 22. This year, we will feature a Seafood Raw-Bar with clams, oysters and delicious shrimp cocktails, as well as a beer garden. A Super Big-Bucks 50-50 Raffle will be drawn with the potential of big payouts! I hope to see you there!

God bless you,
Father Scott
Fr. Scott

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